A Big Oak Branch Almost Collapsed Our Porch Roof

I like the oak trees in our front yard and the pines close to the road. They shield our home from onlookers, give us shade and help with a little bit of seclusion in our otherwise crowded neighborhood. Our home sits on a little rise on a corner lot, and we have wall out front at the sidewalk that retains the front lawn. Things were great until a big branch fell off an oak tree and almost collapsed our porch roof. We had to call experts in roof repair in Brooklyn NY to come out and fix it after the tree cutters were done.

An arborist took core samples of the trees and found rot in three of them. They had to be cut down and the others pruned way back. Our front yard looks a little funny with the trees being so far cut back, but it is a lot safer now. The shingles on the roof were torn off, and the wood sheathing was splintered. A couple of the rafters were also split. The main roof was scraped by the falling branch, and a few shingles were gouged deeply and some other knocked loose. The roof was about 20 years old now, so we opted to get all the shingles replaced after the roof structure over the porch was repaired.

The insurance company footed the bill for some of the damage, and we paid for the rest to have all the shingles replaced. I never thought about tree branches falling. I have enjoyed the shade from those old oaks since we moved here when I was a young boy. My parents moved south, and my wife and I bought and renovated the place to raise our own kids. I am very happy that the falling branch did not hurt anyone. Those oak trees are really heavy!