A New Parking Lot for My New Building

I never thought I would own a former store in our small town, but that is what happened. It used to be an independent toy store, so people would come from miles away to shop here. When the owner died and no heirs were found, the store closed down and sat empty for years. That is where I come in. It was being sold at auction, so I put a low bid on it, never imagining I would win. I did though, which resulted in me contacting a company that does asphalt paving in Nassau County NY as well as an electrician and a plumber to work on the inside.

I have been working out of my home for years, and it excited me that I could now have this as a showroom for what I do. First things first though, which meant I had to have the parking lot fixed. Years of neglect meant that it was in horrible shape, so I wanted to get that taken care of before I even brought in any other contractors to work on the inside of the building. I knew that the parking lot would need to be completely repaved because there were potholes all over the place.

Creative Masonry is the company that I chose to hire because of their excellent reputation as well as their reasonable rates. One of the reasons I got the storefront for such a low price is because of all the work that needed to be done, so I had to make sure that I did not spent too much in one area. Their quote was within my budget though, and they showed me several ways they could do the parking lot. After agreeing on the one I liked best, they began their leveling, grinding and milling until a beautiful parking lot was the result. With the outside done, I was then able to focus my attention on the mess that was waiting for me inside!