A Professional Cleaning Was Required

I was happy that my sister was going to move in with me. She had been renting an apartment for nearly a year, but it was more than she could afford. She had to keep borrowing money just to pay her bills, and I gave her the lifeline she needed with my invitation to move in with me. It did not take long to get her furniture and personal belongings out of the apartment. There is a clause that she needed it professionally cleaned upon leaving, so I did a search for moving out cleaning in Singapore.

I would have done it myself if it had not been for the clause, but I did not mind paying for this because the company that did it was reasonably priced. I had no experience with them myself, so I made arrangements to go in after they were done just to make sure it was presentable. When I walked in there, I saw with seconds that there was nothing to worry about because they had went above and beyond what I had expected. I went through all the rooms and was pleased with everything that I saw.

When I saw that they even cleaned inside the closets and cupboards, I was even more impressed. I started to think about my own condo. I knew my sister was going to be busy between her job and her college courses, and my own job kept me from home for a good chunk of the day. I made the decision to have them come once a week to my condo too, so they could make it look as nice as they did my sister’s former apartment. It has been working out really well too, because it clears up my schedule a bit on my only day off. This arrangement has worked out in more ways than one.