Protect Your Skin Like You Do Your Heart

The largest organ of your body is your skin. You probably take precautions to protect your heart, liver, kidneys and lungs. Fewer people are smoking, and lots of people are choosing to abstain from alcohol. They even check out medications to make sure they don’t cause kidney damage, and everyone is trying to do something to be heart healthy. However, what about your skin? Less UV light exposure is good, and maybe using products, such as Jeunesse skincare products, will help in taking care of this very important organ.

Your skin, when it is intact, protects you from environmental pathogens and other things that could kill you if they got inside your body. Continue reading “Protect Your Skin Like You Do Your Heart”

Building a Super Computer for Editing UHD Video in Real Time

I have a friend in another country that I have never met in person. I met him online in a forum for building powerful computers for video editing. We use a translator to communicate as I cannot speak, read or write his language, and neither can he with English. Over the last couple of years I have picked up some terms in his language, such as monte seu PC meaning to mount your PC. It is about building your computer from the motherboard up. I was able to build an awesome video-editing computer that I have used to produce cinema quality video segments.

I shoot drone footage and render it in UHD video. The camera alone that attaches to my pro drone costs about the same as a year in college. The computer I built for editing is about twice that much. Continue reading “Building a Super Computer for Editing UHD Video in Real Time”

I Am Just Starting out with Learning About Politics

I’ve never told anyone that I spent very little time in the past paying attention to what goes on in our country’s political world. I have also never told anyone that the first time I had any interest in it came about with our last major election. I became fascinated that the two candidates that we had to choose from were so very different from one another. My interest did not stop there, though. I make sure to read as much Trump news that I can when I have free time now. I find that it is easy to keep up with if you do it here and there each day.

I always assumed that politics was pretty hard to learn about, but it is not that way at all. My problem was that I paid so little attention for so many years that I really did not know what was going on when other people talked politics. It was a mistake to think that it was convoluted and hard to keep up with. Now, I find it relaxing to come home each night after work, and turn on the news to listen to what is going on while I make dinner. I’m single, so when I’m done making my meal, I sit down at the table and watch and learn some more while I eat.

It has occurred to me that it has become a little hobby of mine to write down the political terms I hear on the news, and then I look them up on the Internet to learn what they mean. That has also allowed me to find a lot of interesting political sites. There are a lot of people out there who have written all sorts of articles that help to break things down and make the learning process pretty easy. I find it pretty relaxing, and I look forward to the news each night now.

We Just Got to Munich

Of course this has been a pretty leisurely trip, the four of us are traveling by train and taking as much time as we like to see the sights that we want to see. Here in Munich we are going to the beer halls so far, obviously that is going to take awhile. I did have to figure out how to find a way to refill a prescription though. My allergies have been nonstop ever since we got here. I found a place, the name is apotheke in Germany I suppose. At any rate I went in there and the pharmacist spoke perfect English, which was a relief to me. He was not very keen on the task until he realized that the pills were only allergy pills. Of course the fact was that there are all sorts of people who abuse prescription pills and these pharmacists are all used to people coming in and trying to scam them out of the sort of pills that people are apt to abuse. Continue reading “We Just Got to Munich”

A Big Oak Branch Almost Collapsed Our Porch Roof

I like the oak trees in our front yard and the pines close to the road. They shield our home from onlookers, give us shade and help with a little bit of seclusion in our otherwise crowded neighborhood. Our home sits on a little rise on a corner lot, and we have wall out front at the sidewalk that retains the front lawn. Things were great until a big branch fell off an oak tree and almost collapsed our porch roof. We had to call experts in roof repair in Brooklyn NY to come out and fix it after the tree cutters were done.

An arborist took core samples of the trees and found rot in three of them. They had to be cut down and the others pruned way back. Our front yard looks a little funny with the trees being so far cut back, but it is a lot safer now. The shingles on the roof were torn off, and the wood sheathing was splintered. A couple of the rafters were also split. Continue reading “A Big Oak Branch Almost Collapsed Our Porch Roof”

A New Parking Lot for My New Building

I never thought I would own a former store in our small town, but that is what happened. It used to be an independent toy store, so people would come from miles away to shop here. When the owner died and no heirs were found, the store closed down and sat empty for years. That is where I come in. It was being sold at auction, so I put a low bid on it, never imagining I would win. I did though, which resulted in me contacting a company that does asphalt paving in Nassau County NY as well as an electrician and a plumber to work on the inside.

I have been working out of my home for years, and it excited me that I could now have this as a showroom for what I do. Continue reading “A New Parking Lot for My New Building”