Building a Super Computer for Editing UHD Video in Real Time

I have a friend in another country that I have never met in person. I met him online in a forum for building powerful computers for video editing. We use a translator to communicate as I cannot speak, read or write his language, and neither can he with English. Over the last couple of years I have picked up some terms in his language, such as monte seu PC meaning to mount your PC. It is about building your computer from the motherboard up. I was able to build an awesome video-editing computer that I have used to produce cinema quality video segments.

I shoot drone footage and render it in UHD video. The camera alone that attaches to my pro drone costs about the same as a year in college. The computer I built for editing is about twice that much. I have a lot invested in video creation, but it pays off. I have sold segments and edited video footage from others to pay off my equipment and pay all my bills. I was just an amateur until I built my own editing machine. I needed the speed and rendering capability of computers that are used in the making of modern CGI films. The graphics card alone costs more than the most expensive personal computer that you can buy.

My computer looks like a finely tuned engine inside its large case. There are cooling fans everywhere with giant heat sinks and circuitry that looks very futuristic. However, it is blazingly fast in rendering the most advanced special effects in video. I can watch the changes in UHD live. That takes tremendous processing power and a whole lot of RAM that needs to be 100 percent reliable. No off-the-rack PC could do the work I need it to do in video editing. The software I use would not even run on those machines.