Getting Married Doesn’t Mean Not Having Fun

I had been to Vegas a few times in my life. None of them compare to the time I was having a Bachelorette party and my friends bought me a couple of escorts. The idea outside of a party is kind of weird, but I will never forget the time with the ebony Las Vegas girl and the white male that they had gotten.

I was set to get married in a month and my friends decided it would be fun to go to Vegas. My Maid of Honor had started making plans and asked what I would rather have, male strippers or female strippers. I am not one to be picky, I love both male and female strippers and told her “surprise me.” Her next question was is anything off limits. I’m also not very picky in that regard either so I told her whatever she wanted to do, I am game for it. Continue reading “Getting Married Doesn’t Mean Not Having Fun”

I Have Started to Diet

I looked in the mirror a couple of weeks ago and thought that I did not look as good as I would like to look. Of course the summer season has begun and I am going to be going out to places where I will not have to wear a shirt at all, out to the lake and to the beach in a few weeks. Of course I know very little about dieting and so I have been reading stuff like the best nutrisystem reviews. Apparently they send you the meals in the mail or something, although I do not know how comforting that idea is to be totally honest. I know that the way you lose weight is not all that complicated, but that does not mean it is easy or anything close to that. Continue reading “I Have Started to Diet”

On the Road to Escondido

That of course is the title to an album by J. J. Cale and Eric Clapton, and Cale is one of my favorite songwriters. He is a really good guitar player too, but I had no clue where the actual place was until the company decided that I was going to be in charge of operations here. I flew up there two weeks ago to find a house to live, it was a nice place with about five or six acres around it. I went to and figured out what they would charge me for a home security system. Continue reading “On the Road to Escondido”

Finding Physics Tuition for Singapore

If you’re looking for help comprehending physics in Singapore, choosing tuition assistance is going to be your best bet. Physics is a very broad, scientific subject which can be very tricky to follow, let alone understand. How do you know you’ll find the physics tuition for Singapore that best fits you?

We’ve always been firm believers the first choice is rarely the best, nor is the most expensive choice the best. It seems one generally finds the best suited options after some research. So, in our humble opinion, you’ll want to take some time and create a list of potential physics tuition specialists and research them.

There’s a few things to take into consideration as well as a few things you can look for to help find the physics tuition for Singapore that best fits your needs.

Make sure to take into consideration the logistical dynamics as well as the monetary aspects. Take into consideration things like the location of the tutoring program and does the curriculum fit my child’s tuition needs? Is the classroom open and friendly, inviting? Are class sizes small enough for my child to get enough attention?

Physics tuition is intended to help strengthen the weak areas or lack of knowledge your child may have. Continue reading “Finding Physics Tuition for Singapore”

A Professional Cleaning Was Required

I was happy that my sister was going to move in with me. She had been renting an apartment for nearly a year, but it was more than she could afford. She had to keep borrowing money just to pay her bills, and I gave her the lifeline she needed with my invitation to move in with me. It did not take long to get her furniture and personal belongings out of the apartment. There is a clause that she needed it professionally cleaned upon leaving, so I did a search for moving out cleaning in Singapore.

I would have done it myself if it had not been for the clause, but I did not mind paying for this because the company that did it was reasonably priced. I had no experience with them myself, so I made arrangements to go in after they were done just to make sure it was presentable. Continue reading “A Professional Cleaning Was Required”

I Am Still Looking at Houses

Of course if I had about twice as much money as I have, then everything would be a lot easier. However you have to work with what you have and I got a good tip from this person I sort of know that works for a Suffolk county tree service. He told me about the place and I went over to see it. At first look the place looks like it is a real wreck and of course there is a lot of things that must be done to get it fixed up. I am going to be able to do a lot of the things that need to be done without help though. I know people who can do nearly everything else and I believe that I can convince them to help me in exchange. I have to buy the place first and the seller does not seem to be all that eager to take what I can give him. Continue reading “I Am Still Looking at Houses”

Pruning Trees is Definitely Best Done by Pros

I thought that I would be able to trim one of my trees on my own since it was not all that tall. I figured I could just take a ten foot ladder out to it and work some arbor magic. Well, I did drag the ladder out, but it took me all of two minutes before I realized that I needed to bring in a Nassau County tree pruning company. Sometimes I do get carried away, thinking that I can do something when I have never done it before. It did not take me long to find a tree company that I wanted to use though.

I figured since they were going to prune my smaller tree, I might as well have them do the two big trees out in the backyard too. I had never had them professionally pruned before, and I knew that they were getting way too tall. Continue reading “Pruning Trees is Definitely Best Done by Pros”

A New Parking Lot for My New Building

I never thought I would own a former store in our small town, but that is what happened. It used to be an independent toy store, so people would come from miles away to shop here. When the owner died and no heirs were found, the store closed down and sat empty for years. That is where I come in. It was being sold at auction, so I put a low bid on it, never imagining I would win. I did though, which resulted in me contacting a company that does asphalt paving in Nassau County NY as well as an electrician and a plumber to work on the inside.

I have been working out of my home for years, and it excited me that I could now have this as a showroom for what I do. Continue reading “A New Parking Lot for My New Building”

Protect Your Skin Like You Do Your Heart

The largest organ of your body is your skin. You probably take precautions to protect your heart, liver, kidneys and lungs. Fewer people are smoking, and lots of people are choosing to abstain from alcohol. They even check out medications to make sure they don’t cause kidney damage, and everyone is trying to do something to be heart healthy. However, what about your skin? Less UV light exposure is good, and maybe using products, such as Jeunesse skincare products, will help in taking care of this very important organ.

Your skin, when it is intact, protects you from environmental pathogens and other things that could kill you if they got inside your body. Continue reading “Protect Your Skin Like You Do Your Heart”

Building a Super Computer for Editing UHD Video in Real Time

I have a friend in another country that I have never met in person. I met him online in a forum for building powerful computers for video editing. We use a translator to communicate as I cannot speak, read or write his language, and neither can he with English. Over the last couple of years I have picked up some terms in his language, such as monte seu PC meaning to mount your PC. It is about building your computer from the motherboard up. I was able to build an awesome video-editing computer that I have used to produce cinema quality video segments.

I shoot drone footage and render it in UHD video. The camera alone that attaches to my pro drone costs about the same as a year in college. The computer I built for editing is about twice that much. Continue reading “Building a Super Computer for Editing UHD Video in Real Time”