I Have Started to Diet

I looked in the mirror a couple of weeks ago and thought that I did not look as good as I would like to look. Of course the summer season has begun and I am going to be going out to places where I will not have to wear a shirt at all, out to the lake and to the beach in a few weeks. Of course I know very little about dieting and so I have been reading stuff like the best nutrisystem reviews. Apparently they send you the meals in the mail or something, although I do not know how comforting that idea is to be totally honest. I know that the way you lose weight is not all that complicated, but that does not mean it is easy or anything close to that. You want to be able to work off more calories than you take in, but obviously that requires a lot of discipline and discipline is pretty hard if no one ever told you.

So far I have not accomplished all that much. I am thinking that a lot of running would be rather hard on the knees, mine have already endured a lot of basketball and football and such over the years. It is a hard thing to run when you are in pain. So I have been looking for an exercise bike that makes sense for me. Obviously a lot of those things are really big and that is a real problem for me. I saw one at a store last month and it took almost as much space as some small cars. No matter how big it is there just is not a lot of room for it in my place. I guess I could get rid of a few things though.