On the Road to Escondido

That of course is the title to an album by J. J. Cale and Eric Clapton, and Cale is one of my favorite songwriters. He is a really good guitar player too, but I had no clue where the actual place was until the company decided that I was going to be in charge of operations here. I flew up there two weeks ago to find a house to live, it was a nice place with about five or six acres around it. I went to https://home-security.co/adt-home-security/california/e/escondido/ and figured out what they would charge me for a home security system. I picked the place because it was in the nexus of the routes I am going to be using to handle a very large territory, which means that much of the time I am going to be away. I am guessing that I shall spend about two nights a week sleeping in a hotel room. So this place is going to be sitting alone out where no one can see it and I am going to be away.

At any rate the place is nice and when Sharon comes out she is going to love the place. For now she is finishing the school year back in San Luis de Obispo. I would have rather stayed there with here, but that is not how it is going to be and the company did give me a rather nice raise. They knew that I was not volunteering for this and they had to give me some sort of incentive. Now I need to build relationships with a lot of clients and I have been starting out on that job as best as I can. Of course the good thing is that my son is going to college within the area I shall travel.