Protect Your Skin Like You Do Your Heart

The largest organ of your body is your skin. You probably take precautions to protect your heart, liver, kidneys and lungs. Fewer people are smoking, and lots of people are choosing to abstain from alcohol. They even check out medications to make sure they don’t cause kidney damage, and everyone is trying to do something to be heart healthy. However, what about your skin? Less UV light exposure is good, and maybe using products, such as Jeunesse skincare products, will help in taking care of this very important organ.

Your skin, when it is intact, protects you from environmental pathogens and other things that could kill you if they got inside your body. Cuts can get infected because the skin is compromised. If it was intact, then the pathogens stay on the outside. Some folks have skin that cracks open in the dry winter months. It usually starts in the hands with fingertips cracking and knuckles too. Diabetes can wreak havoc on your skin making it dry and vulnerable to fissures that open that can allow infection to enter. Skin cancer is still a very real concern too. Skin protection is as important as taking steps for heart protection.

Excessive UV exposure stimulates melanin to react to protect the skin, and the skin gets darker. You might call it a tan, but it is your skin fighting for its life. There are plenty of topical products that will help protect you from UV and environmental exposure that can cause harm to your skin. However, be sure to pick proven products that are superiorly made. Some skincare products contain a lot of cheap chemicals that are not really what you want to put on your skin. Paying a little more to get quality products to take care of your skin is akin to choosing better foods to help protect your heart.