We Just Got to Munich

Of course this has been a pretty leisurely trip, the four of us are traveling by train and taking as much time as we like to see the sights that we want to see. Here in Munich we are going to the beer halls so far, obviously that is going to take awhile. I did have to figure out how to find a way to refill a prescription though. My allergies have been nonstop ever since we got here. I found a place, the name is apotheke in Germany I suppose. At any rate I went in there and the pharmacist spoke perfect English, which was a relief to me. He was not very keen on the task until he realized that the pills were only allergy pills. Of course the fact was that there are all sorts of people who abuse prescription pills and these pharmacists are all used to people coming in and trying to scam them out of the sort of pills that people are apt to abuse.

At any rate tomorrow we are going to take a river cruise, we are going to go and see this village or town that is straight out of the history books. They say that it used to be a very important town during the Middle Ages, but apparently time passed it by and this preserved the look of a town from that age. Of course a lot of places suffered greatly during what were called the Thirty Year’s War and a lot of towns declined. It is really like a story book place, but we are just going there because it is going to be really cheap to do it. We are really on our way to a big music festival at a place called the Rockpalast and this is on the way.