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We’re dedicated to giving our clients the A-grade electrical services they deserve. You have peace of mind knowing that your electrical work is taken care of by trusted professionals. Our aim is to ensure that we provide the best professional electrical services that exceed your expectations. No job is too big or too small for. Whether you run a commercial business or you simply want work done on your residential property, we’re the trusted local electrical contractors you can rely on to get the job done efficiently.

Professional Local Electrical Installers For All Your Needs

Our team of electrical experts have vast years of experience with installing and working with both residential and commercial electrical and solar applications. We’ve worked in the commercial, industrial and solar sector throughout. Our background and familiarity with Townsville is a testimony of our capabilities to provide local residents with quality services and as locals, we know first hand what your needs are

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As licensed electricians, our ethics are the backbone of our business. When you hire us, you will never have to worry about unaffordable and un-ethical, high-cost services, or the use of mediocre equipment. We pride ourselves in the accreditations and memberships we hold. With, our affordable prices – you don’t have to break the bank to get great service. – Our use of only trusted and respected industry brands is what sets us apart from the competition, while at the same time providing quality customer service and support from a team of qualified electricians.

commercial electrical services include:

New electrical installations

Switchboard installations and upgrades

Appliance testing and tagging

Safety switch installations and servicing

BMS interrogation and fault finding

Large scale chiller installations

Commercial property maintenance

The importance of Electrical Maintenance in Commercial Buildings

Electrical maintenance can often be viewed as an annoyance and an unnecessary expense for commercial and industrial properties. However, skipping this important step or aiming only for the bare minimum is penny-wise, pound-foolish. What are the risks of poor or insufficient electrical maintenance in commercial buildings?

Commercial and industrial electrical installations are naturally complex – and the more complex a system, the more likely any one component can be a cause of failure. One small failure can have a ripple effect on the rest of your system, causing damage to many further components.

Equipment breakdown, power surges and power failures all require expensive repair and replacement parts – but that’s not the only cost to your business. Lost productivity is a killer and costs for a single stopped production line mount up by the minute. Planned electrical maintenance catches small problems before they become apparent, safeguarding your business against future problems.

Legal risks: Compliance with local regulations

Electrical standards regarding how often equipment and buildings need to be checked vary depending on the risk – for example, office circuits need far less maintenance than welding equipment. Professionals will be able to advise you on the best electrical maintenance schedule that provides the most economical way to meet all r​egulatory standards.​

Health and safety risk: Your staff and customers

Electrical hazards are one of the highest causes of fire in the developed world – fires which have the potential to cause terrible damage to your stock, plant, buildings and most importantly, your personnel and customers. Staff working with electrical equipment are also at risk from poor maintenance practices

What Is A Commercial Electrical System?

When it comes to commercial and residential electrical systems, they couldn’t be more different. From the set up to the way each system runs, they require a certain level of expertise and care to run effectively.

For example, commercial electrical systems are complex when it comes to the components needed to power a commercial building. This means they require more attention and regular maintenance that untrained personnel cannot handle.

Because these are complex systems they require a highly trained professional electrician that can conduct these tasks safely and correctly.

So What Do You Need To Know About Commercial Electrical Systems?

Depending on the size of the commercial property, the building’s electrical system makes use of a larger electrical capacity to function. Which means that having a proper installation is essential to keeping it stable.

To power a commercial building, an organized electrical system is required. This establishes that the electricity is running smoothly through the entire complex. It also ensures that the building is free of electrical hazards and does not compromise anyone’s safety.

Commercial Electrical Services for Commercial Buildings

When it comes to hiring a company to help with commercial electrical services, you want the best company for the job. With so many companies, how do you decide who to hire? We’re here to help with a checklist of what to look out for when hiring a commercial electrical company.

What are Commercial Electrical Services?

Commercial electrical services refer to any installations or upgrades in a commercial area such as office building, apartment complex, school, or hospital that involve electricity. This includes the installation of safety and security systems (such as cameras and security codes for your protection), lighting (like motion, exterior, energy-saving and parking), miscellaneous (intercoms, fire alarms and smoke detectors), rewiring, and other electrical upgrades

Why is it Better to Choose One Company?

A full-service company can offer a consistent service for all your commercial electrical needs. It’s better to hire one company that can do everything rather than hiring several do to the work. If you can get all the services done by one company, it can save you time and money. By using a full-service company, you are able to build up trust and communication with the electrician(s).

What’s The Best Way To Choose A Company For Commercial Electrical Services?

A quick Internet search can provide results on local companies in your area. It is important to remember that law requires all electrical companies or electricians to have a valid license. Pay attention to the reviews of the company and speak to fellow business owners – recommendations from people you trust can help with narrowing down your list.

Once you’ve drawn up your shortlist, it’s time to schedule meetings with the companies. Coming with a clear outline of what you need done can help to make the process easier. The company can determine if they are capable of providing what you want within the constraints of your time frame and estimated budget.


Selecting the right electrician for your business is an important step in ensuring you are fully compliant with all of the regulation associated with electrical works.

keeping up to date with all the laws around health and safety in a commercial environment. This means that when you hire us, you are also hiring our extensive knowledge.


Fire, smoke, security…we cover it all. We install, maintain and repair alarm systems to protect your business and validate your insurance


Don’t let your business premises fall behind. Our electrical installation condition reports are carried out periodically in accordance with regulatory recommendations. This report involves sending one of our highly professional commercial electricians to inspect and test the electrical installations in your offices, warehouses or any other business building.


Need cooker points, electrical showers or any other electrical appliances installed at your business? We can manage these projects for you and arrange a schedule of maintenance too.