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The Benefits of Carpet Flooring For Your Home

Carpet flooring remains one of the most popular types of flooring for homes and properties around the UK. If you’re looking to replace the flooring in your home or office you may be weighing up the benefits of many types of flooring solutions. So what makes carpet such a desirable option for so many households? Some of the benefits are obvious. Carpet is an affordable option and many people prefer the warmth that comes with having carpeted flooring, over say, wood or laminate. But carpet has many more advantages that you might not have taken into consideration when thinking of new flooring. Here we look at the main benefits of carpet for your home.

Carpet is Easy to Install

Getting new flooring fitted can be a hassle, especially if you have a large household and heavy traffic. Not being able to use your rooms can seriously impede your daily life, especially if you have children. The benefits of carpet include easy installation. Carpet fitting might seem like a complicated procedure, but it is actually simpler and quicker to lay than other types of flooring. The quicker the installation, the quicker the job gets done and the less disruption to you in your home.

Carpet is easy to Clean

Many people assume carpet flooring is difficult to maintain, especially if you opt for a lighter coloured carpet. The truth is looking after carpet is quick and easy, and requires little more than a weekly vacuum to keep clean. Deep cleaning shouldn’t be required more than once a year, and with proper precaution, you can keep your carpet spotless. Of course, accidents can happen, especially if you have younger children, but there is a vast variety of quality carpet cleaning products available in supermarkets that can help in case of spillages. Being easy to clean is one of the main benefits of carpet.

Carpet is Warm

Another of the benefits of carpet flooring is that it is an insulator. Carpet has millions of fibres that keep your room warm and provides comfort underfoot, particularly in the colder months. Carpets will all have an R-value – a thermal insulation value – the bigger the value the more insulation the carpet provides. Not only will this add cosiness to your house, but it can also contribute greatly to your heating bills. Carpet will also hold on to heat, keeping your rooms warmer for longer. Carpet can also give your house a general welcoming look and feel and feels lovely and soft under your feet. If you have a house that suffers from cold, getting carpet flooring can greatly benefit your comfort.

Carpet Reduces Sound

Another one of the highly desired benefits of carpet flooring is that it reduces sound. Carpet helps absorb sound from within the room, making it ideal for rooms with televisions, sound systems, phones or computers It can also help with reducing sound from rooms that have high traffic and heavy footfall, where people may be talking more. This is ideal for houses with children or in properties with multiple stories of shared floors. It is also this reason that offices are more likely to use carpet than other types of flooring.

Carpet is Safe

Carpet can be a safer option than other types of flooring. Because carpet is non-slip it is less of a hazard than wood or laminate, which is ideal for households with young children or the elderly. Not only is it less likely to cause a hazard, but carpet is also safer when accidents do occur because it acts as a cushion. Falling onto carpet will be kinder than falling onto a hard surface. The safety of carpet is just another one of the benefits of carpet flooring to consider when looking for new flooring.

Carpet Has Character

Carpet flooring can add beauty, style and character to any room. There are so many options to choose from, in different colours, styles and textures. This means that you can choose a carpet according to your own personal tastes, and find a carpet that complements the colour scheme of your rooms. You can also mix carpet flooring with wooden flooring for different rooms so you get the benefit of both worlds, or have more than one colour and style of carpet for different rooms.


Many people may not realize that carpeting can lower energy bills by providing you with the right insulation. Carpeting holds warmth and can insulate against extremely cold temperatures. This is an amazing advantage if you live somewhere that endures a harsh winter climate.

Noise Reduction

Carpeting is known to reduce noises from things such as televisions, speakers, sound systems, computers, and more. Carpeting absorbs these sound vibrations. It provides a good sound barrier between rooms in your home.

Design Flexibility and Value

Quality carpet is comparatively one of the least costly elements of overall room design, and as a design choice carpet offers maximum flexibility, remarkable durability and excellent value. Five minutes in our showroom is enough to convince almost anyone of the enormous range of style, texture, design, color, patterns and price available in carpet. Given this versatility, carpeting can be selected to fit almost any interior design and décor. We even have carpeting with your kids’ favourite Disney characters (or perhaps yours).

Health & Environmental Benefits

Researchers for the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Swedish government have recently concluded that carpeting can provide health benefits through improved home air quality. Carpets are effective filters that trap and immobilize dust and allergens, preventing them from becoming airborne and circulating within the home. Provided the carpets are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, they can actually improve the air quality in your home. An emerging trend in carpet construction with environmental benefits is the increasing use of natural fibres such as corn, and of recycled carpeting.

Daily carpet care & maintenance

Start by investing in doormats and placing them throughout your home. Have friends and family members use them when entering your home. You should also ask visitors to remove outdoor shoes before walking across your carpet. It’s important to minimize the amount of dirt tracked onto your flooring, as dirt particles can damage carpet fibers.

While keeping preventative maintenance in mind, you should also develop a regular care routine. Regularly vacuuming your carpet using a manufacturer-approved appliance. If your carpet experiences light to medium traffic, vacuuming it once or twice a week should be sufficient. If it experiences heavy traffic, however, you may want to vacuum more frequently.

Dealing with carpet stains

If you spill on your carpet, don’t panic! Many of our carpets have built-in technology that helps them resist stains. There are also manufacturer-approved carpet cleaners that can help. Blot up the spill as best as you can and consider having one of these on hand for any future messes.

It’s not a bad idea to give your carpets the occasional deep clean, especially if they are in high-traffic areas. Contact a professional cleaning service or shampoo your carpets yourself. If you do shampoo them yourself, be sure to follow your manufacturer’s recommendations for maximum effectiveness. Consider a deep clean once or twice a year.